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NEW PRODUCT - E97 Throttle Body

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My beautiful E97’s are getting better looking as time goes by with the addition of the gorgeous new tops  carved from a piece of billet , no crap castings here . Also a new filter like the style of the round one pictured to under development too and will clip on around the top rim of the unit.

NEW PRODUCT - Tunnel Ram

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Pattern work is complete for a multi use tunnel ram intake which is being cast in 4 pieces, a top, plenum and 2 port sections (one for either side of the plenum) being a multi use intake it will be suitable for 2 x2, 3x2, 4x2,  2x4 or a supercharger and is included in the kit. The length of the runners are designed to pickup the third intake pulse.


New Development
External Port Flathead Cylinder Head

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NEW PRODUCT - SOHC cylinder head kit

Check out the progress on this exciting new product.

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For Sale - Kong Heads

A rare oportunity to purchase a new set of type 3 Kong cylinder heads (the type 3 is thicker, has a better  spark plug location and superior flow characteristics) left hand side pictured. Very limited numbers available @$1500 AU/pair full polish add $350/pair.

For Sale

I dont give a fark

As we travel through life their appears more questions than answers. What is the major problem facing the planet what about religion and the havoc the Muslims are creating for us all. Aliens fact or fiction. These questions and many others at covered in this book.

The title is the authors interpretation of mankinds answer to these questions. If you can look outside the square then this book has been written especially for you.

If you would like your own copy, please send $15 for a signed copy sent to your address via Australia Post.

Stromberg 97 carburettor top

Pattern and drilling jig for sale at $500./lot
including 10 tops

Project Update

Photos from 2015 Speed Week, Have a look!


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